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April 27 2017

Ich hätte es evtl. anders angebracht, aber hey… ist ja nicht mein rtenbierga pic.twitter.com/kNB2AEiYXK
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So, if you are too tired to speak, sit next to me, because I, too, am fluent in silence.
— R. Arnold, Painful Silence (via hedth)
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This. Is. True.

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playmates a la mode. brooke berry by mario sorrenti for w (april 2001).

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All these lovely ladies weigh 154lbs. We all carry weight differently, don’t live your life by an outdated chart. Find a number that looks and feels good.


This is actually a really lovely artistic reference as well. Also HOLY SHIT NEW REBLOG SYSTEM??? dang.

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when will people realize that getting professional help for mental illnesses is no where near as easy and simple as they make it out to be

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What I mean when I say "toxic monogamy culture"



  • the normalization of jealousy as an indicator of love
  • the idea that a sufficiently intense love is enough to overcome any practical incompatibilities
  • the idea that you should meet your partner’s every need, and if you don’t, you’re either inadequate or they’re too needy
  • the idea that a sufficiently intense love should cause you to cease to be attracted to anyone else
  • the idea that commitment is synonymous with exclusivity
  • the idea that marriage and children are the only valid teleological justifications for being committed to a relationship
  • the idea that your insecurities are always your partner’s responsibility to tip-toe around and never your responsibility to work on
  • the idea that your value to a partner is directly proportional to the amount of time and energy they spend on you, and it is in zero-sum competition with everything else they value in life
  • the idea that being of value to a partner should always make up a large chunk of how you value yourself


I can't reblog this enough.

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auch 'ne Lösung
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